WHY ME! What comes UP must come DOWN

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If I cant make fun of myself going limp, then who can i make fun of.. We all know this shit happends to ALL of us, once in a while.It's all a mental thing. So, u just got to wait till it gets back up and beleive its jsut a matter of time. Anyway, I knew this black pussy stripper hoe for over 2-years and i fucked her probably a hundred + times. She has some real, real good pussy. So, i finally asked her to do a video and she was happy to do it as long as she had a mask on. I was willing to do it, casue i wanted you all to see how good her psussy looked. She knows how to tighten her pussy muscles, so everytime i fuck her, it feels like shes still has virgin black pussy, thats probably why i last 3 minutes with her everytime i fuck her. But, anyway, shes in her early 20's has a sexy pussy ring on her pussy and that nice carmel colored skin. Now, for the last 2-years ive been fuckin her, my dick maybe went limp once. Today, I wasnt on my habib game as you will all watch from the preview, but as you all know what goes up, must come down and vice versa. So, i knew it was only time, before my dick got hard again and i was tappin that pussy for the next 5 mintues before i cum all over her pink pussy. The Video is about 45 minutes long with 100's of pictures.

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