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I am Habib, the retired Quiky-Mart worker. I quit my job at the Quiky-Mart for the pursuit of the American dream....to GET LAID and GET PAID!! Watch me and my friends as we travel around the world Fucking and Sucking every hoe From Porn Stars to Hood rats. This is my Documentary; All the women are 100% real from my hood to your hood. This is all Uncut & Raw. We "Knock the Boots" with them all;Brazlian pussy, Dominican Pussy, Black Pussy, latin pussy, Fat, Skinny, Old & Ugly. We dont give a fuck. My site is Updated Weekly with over 500 hours of Original, Uncut videos & 1000's of Original Pictures all guaranteed to make you laugh & cum.

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Man, some people have all the luck…When I go to the club, I rarely get any females approaching me and when I do get a female hollering at me they usually aint the cutest or they aint playing with a full deck.  But, people like Rome Major, he like a pussy magnet, I don’t know how he does it but he be pulling fine ass females at the club and they be trying to hollar at him.  This one aint no different.  Her name is Veronica, she’s 23 yrs. old Mexican from Chicago and he met this fine, thick Latin women at the club.  She was actually hitting on him and they left the club and fucked all night.  He called me in the morning and said he got someone who wants to film.  He sent me a few pics of her and she looked ok in the pics, but when I seen her in person I’m like DAMMMMM.  I was like a kid in the candy store.   Besides her beautiful big booty, she is just a natural freak.   She loves catching spit, swallowing, even licking Rome’s toes.  Hell, if you can lick Rome’s toes you a real nasty Freak!!! These two were all over each other and they fucked in all kinds of crazy positions for over an hour long.  They had some hot chemistry, you all going to love this Latina porn video and it’s all in the members area.

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I haven’t had relationship in over 10 years and when I did have one years ago, I was ready to leave within a few months.   I never believed in long term relationships, women be tripping over everything.  You cant fuck other women, they want to know who calling you or where you at.  Fuck that, I like my freedom!!  Maybe I’m just old and hardcore with my lifestyle.  But, every so often I get some young, freak couples that are in love, and can deal with all the relationship stuff, which is a good thing.   I want you all to meet Foreign Alure and Gvollo.  They been together for almost 2 years now and the way they look at each other and talk about each other you all know they in love.  Foreign Alure  is a sexy, 19 yrs. old petite mixed white, Rican and black.  You can tell she mixed from her piercing hazel eyes and her light skin.  She has this beautiful body, with these perky tits and nice, phat juicy pussy.  Man, them lips on her, they so thick and juicy especially when she sucking on her man, Gvollos dick.  I was like damm.. them dick sucking lips looks soo dam good.  Gvollo is one luck brotha for having a cute woman like her.   They did a great job for being their first time filmed on camera.  These two were fucking hard and she was cumming all over his BBC.  The way they were fucking and the emotion she was showing when Gvollo’s dick was in her.  I guess, that's why I call this the Black Love Story cause they were making real passionate love to each other and fucking like the wild young couple they are.   You won’t find this black porn couple nowhere else except on thehabibshow.com.  So, join now and watch the full one hour video in the members area.

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Damm, she is one hella of a fine ass hoe! We met her in Rio. Actually Val dawg found the bitch on the streets.. he was looking for a white brazilian hoe and when he found the bitch they had some time of chemistry going. After this video they were kickin it for a while.. Val got her whipped! Anyway, this bitch is 18, no kids, pretty perky ass tits. The way us men like it! And the bitch got a nice round ass with a nice pink pussy. Nothing really crazy happend in this video, but the bitch was cute ass hell. I dont know maybe im just and look at all 18 year old bitch's as fine! So, watch and enjoy the Preview.. The full video is 45 minutes long and its all in the members area!

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YESSSS, You all..I got the King of Porn, the Legend himself..RON JEREMY with me. WOOT WOOT!  I'm in the New Jersey kicking it with my Dominican nigga macana man.  The women love his ass, and you all would never expect it but he got one of those dicks that dont make sense..I mean monster 12 inch dick, bigger then Redzilla.  Well, thanks to the homie, CJ he hooked us up with a fine, petite and sexy mixed bitch named Portia.  She's 29, small tits that match her petie body frame.  This was her first time getting filmed and i know she aint going to forget this one!  She was so damm sexy, Ron Jeremy jumped into the scene and started fucking on her.  Porica was getting rammed by Ron Jeremy and then by Macana Man and they were tearing her pussy up. She was getting a beat down from macana mans monster dick and she taking it like a champ.  You all going to love this video... its wild.  The FULL videos is in the members area and its about an hour long.          

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I finally made it to SIN City to shoot some Thai porn in Bangkok Thailand. There are fine thailand pussy everywhere it's like 5 women for every man out there. Every Night was like a Friday Night out there. Asian pussy everywehre. I traveled to all the Asian pussy Hoe spots in Thailand from Soi Cowboy, Nana Plaza & Patpong to Walking Street Pattaya, Thailand. If u never fucked thai pussy, its some of the best asian pussy in the world. This beautiful Thailand Pussy I met in front of Nana Plaza, which is a 3-story Plaza that has notthing but Strip bars & Hoes. It is wild out their. She's 26 years old & has a Phatt Ass, with a born talent of sucking dick. Watch her complain & tell me how "Special" I am while I fuck the Shit out of her for 30 minutes thanks to Viagra. All the thai pussy is in my Members area.

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I knew Mr. Tattoo from a homie of mine. Mr. Tattoo a charcter, he talks alot of shit to his bitches, he had me rolling. He's been shooting videos on his cellphone of all his females hes fucked for years and now he was down to be on thehabibshow. This Rican Nigga is crazy, he got some big ass balls; He brought his BABY MAMMA'S BEST FREIND TO FUCK, I repeat.. "HE BROUGHT HIS BABY MAMMA'S BEST FREIND TO FUCK" whom hes been hittin on the down low for a minute and wanted to film her. She a 43 year old puerto rican MILF. Her face aint the greatest, But she has a banging body with some nice perky tities for an 43 year old puerto rican MILF. Her pussy looked nice and tight just like an 18-year old. This video is wild as fuck and its all in the members area

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I want you all to meet my Asian persuasion Ms. Stephanie Kim, she a 20- year old Cambodian American. She 100% Cambodian and got them dick sucking lips to match her phat juicy ass. You all going to love her, she just a real cool chick! Ive been talking to her for a minute and found out she is single. So i thought i would do something nice for her and hook her up with my homie, Jose Burns. He's an almost typical, kind of young, skinny, 28 -year old, Mexican man who's only been in America for 10-years. I thought they would be a perfect match, But, once they both met, the sparks kind of fizzled and i had to bring in the homie Stretch in. You all have to watch this video..ITS WILD and CRAZY and its all in the members area.

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Woot, Woot we found the thickest, fattest big booty, shit talking ho, straight from Gary, Indiana. Meet Snicka. She 23 and THICK AS HELL red bone! Her body reminds me of a younger Cherokee d ass back when she was in her prime.. This was the first time I am filming her and ill have to admit when i seen her with her clothes on i wasn't too impressed until she took her clothes off and showed her nice thick body, her ass is just perfectly thick, juicy and smooth. One thing I like about this ho, she a shit talking, real cool down for whatever type of female. So, i thought lets do a gang bang. I had Dshot, Hennessy and Redzilla take her out. Man, when Redzilla seen that ass on her, he was her, she wasn't moving a inch without him being there. That's what i like about Redzilla he was ready to tear that pussy up! Dshot and Hennessy joined in and tagged team her. This is a wild 1hour crazy,wild gangbang. You all going to love Snicka. She a badddddd bitch!

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Its been awhile since ive been in Houston and man, thanks to the homie Buddha (buddhabang) which i got to say hes a stand up dude.  He hooked me up and made sure I was happy while i was in houston. he gave that southern hospitality to Habib.   I went with him and some of them fine houston girls he hooked me up with.  We had the sexxy chocolate Kimberly Brinks, the petite yella boned Sheli Ice, the phat booty louisiana chocolate Bugatti Bubblez, the sexy petite sisters the sexy freak Nelli Tiger and the phat Juicy booty Safarri Tiger.  I call them The Houston Five.  They are some real freaks we went to CLub Utopia in houston and man it was a wild ass time, I couldnt stop filming them five were going wild especially Safarri and Jimmy D.  Jimmy D was going buck wild, he was banging Safarri until the early morning.  Safarri was everywhere shaking her nice, juicy phat booty and fucking and sucking on Jimmy D.  Their was some real chemistry in that club with them.    This video is over 2 hours long SO, join Now and see it all.

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Much props to Gary,Indiana for raising this beautiful, sexy red boned mixed Puerto Rican and black porn hoe in in the hood! She is a baddd 21 year old freak..her name says it all! She naturally beautiful, this bitch dont need no makeup, weave or any of that fake shit. Shes just an all natural sexy Rican red boned. From her cute face to them sexy eyes to that pinky pussy. Just a cute hood bitch and I luv these type of hoes! One thing i liked about her, she was real down to earth type of bitch. She was down for whatever and didnt give a fuck! So, i had my homie Rome Major and Hennessy gangbang and tear that pussy up. She took them like a true soldier! You all can watch the 90min video all in the Members Area.

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New previews will be added starting jan 8. Members areas is still being updated weekly for paid members.

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HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! See you all in 2018. Members area is still being updated

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you guys are local

she bad:

When you bringing thick red back on?


I want to join but I don't know how I can joint group


Sir. Can a biafran/Nigerian join? I have introduced many people to your site thy are asking how thy can join...

Pete Murphy:

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Hey any chance of a new Val Dogg video?

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yo Habib ,do you have adate for ambitiousbooty 's vid ?

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Hasidic jew:

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Amigo, me gustaría bajar el video completo de Pink Kandy pero el problema es que solo quisiera pagar por esa descarga y si me apetece seguir como miembro. Hay alguna forma de ser un miembro solamente por corto tiempo?


I was wondering if you could help me and allow me to star in one of your films I'm a black male from the UK who is willing to travel to the states. get at me when you can. Look forward to hearing from you s@@@@@@@@@@ Sam


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@YoungstownWhiteBoy LOL.. they aint have no sense. @Antwonette yes, i did.. went on a filming spree there. @theman007 its HD 720 at 6Mbps( high resolution). We dont use 4k cause its only needed for big screens and i would be hard to stream online. @Hopima Thanks bro


What's with all these dudes askin u to get them laid haha no game. Come to Youngstown,Ohio bro. Got all kinds of pussy out here




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@caramelizedapple YES, of course. Theres alot of stuff that is done before we stasrt filming. @Jagtsingh @fancy @leymane @Fahmy @JOROSKI @Jmartino @martino Why all these dudes ask the same typical questions. You all going to have to break some serious bread to Join.


Habib, I have to give it to you. Your hustle is a good one. But I've always wondered, are these lovely actors & actresses tested for STD'S & infections?


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Happy Holidays everyone. MEMBERS: We will still be updating our MEMBERS AREA EVERY WEEK during the holiday season with new shit you all never seen before. For everyone else(Non- paying), New Preview Videos will start in Jan.


@iWAZI thanks @Robbie SMH..Great @DR Met him in the DR..fuck him. cant belive he still around.


Woow thts cool I also support local videos


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@MMG45 search for it, its there. @Olamide Sorry no job openings for male. @mike LOL.. ok. @James Thanks james and now stop watching porn. @sampson LOL.. Yep. @Ades OK. @Asante text my number.. unless u too dumb to figure where thats at @Mupusha WTF.. another nigerian @young.g and another nigerian. @Mona already responded @nicholas kc thanks bro


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@Tiffany text me 3 one27two537one8 include pics. @LatinKingKush no bro. thats the only one i did of her. imma film her again when i see her @Darryl you need to walk the walk first. i bet u go limp. @Banks no clue what u asking


22, 5'7, measurements 38, 23, 42 African American female located in upstate New York. Interested in "starring" in one of your videos.


Im typing about the Black girl Kimberly (Kimberly Brinks). not the Asian. Did u film Kimberly Brinks with Macana or Red?


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Habbib I'm in New York can you plug me when you come out here ?


@ranks Thanks dawg. @image NO my nigerian brother. @Johnatha thanks bro. No clue what u asking. @LatinKingKush yeah i filmed her with macana man and jose theres a preview their somewehre and filmed her with redzilla getting head only. @Susie too bad, you will be spit on espeically if u a white girl. @Bam No @bryan thanks bro @ALISCO lol.. mp4 is the format in the usa. most you africans dont break bread. you allwant free shit. @ALISCO Me too. @Tomika AKA Red textl me. my numbers on my site.


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Flash :

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@Antoinette Thanks.. hopefully, u get disgusted enough u that u puke and choke on ur vomit. @ZayZay are u a Aboriginal

Antoinette :

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That's okay, Im a native, I can show you how to dodge them all haha!!


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requesting Ron Jeremy fuck Pinky. Thats hilarious! Should see if u can find Mz Natural & get her with Macana Man. Unless she retired. Havent seen her in anything since that one scene with Prince Yahua


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u film any out-of-town porn hoes that came to exxxotica last week?


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@culturechef i want to travel with you guys


Habib, how can we make thise show in Nigeria, thise show is differnt. I"ll love to take part in thise fantastic show in Nigeria. Am a Nigerian, I live in Nigerin. Pls come to Nigeria and make this show happening.


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@Sadia of course. call me. @Femi No. @sash Thanks. @Marz sure


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GOod to see Redzilla back. But film him with some girls who arent so big.


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@Monica Call me or send me an email. @Xander She hasnt filmed with alot of companys i was her first :) @wale Lol.. SMH. Ok bro. @hussain oh bhei sure when i go back to pakistan next year. Just send me and email.


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@CrazyNigga Imma try to go this year but not to RIo. Rio aint like it used to be. @LatinKingKush Lol...that aint her pimp. Thats just her homie.


Yo Habib when are you planning to go to Brazil? And keep up the good work


good to see the Thick Red chick back. Her pimp be twitter her shit on twitter a lot.


@zAED not sure..hit him up. @Xander lol..no suck it up. @Tigger we not in ny. @hector she dead RIP Granny ho. @francis Sometime this year @TheHomieCordo she locked up LatinKingKush lol.. she a westside ho


Yo when will stoney j release that album with cream in it?


Hi Habib, amazing site mate, congrats, the girls are just amazing. An advice mate, can you contract a camera man, please? for me, I don't like the pov scenes. Thanks and keep up the good wor


Was up Habib 20yo tryna find my way on Cam doing these Beautiful females i have some homemade vids I know I'm up for the task I'm either tryna roll with you or get some good insight from you HARLEM,NY


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when are you going to finally bring "stretch" back for another movie? hopefully soon.


Hey what's up with that mixed bbw Ladybug? Does she have contact info of any kind? I need a bitch like that.


that latest update looks rough. Bless her heart. Lol


@tina he has a busy schedule being incarcerated


hey what happend to pac is he going to be making any more videos with your company.


@LatinKingKush Yeah bro. have some more videos form there @SLutwife i sent u an email 4-days ago. Your fatass be on Bullshit! @Violet Yeah i got more of macana man. @Caprice Yeah send me an email thehabibshow (at ) gmail dot com @mokka contacted u.


u film any more chicks from AVN's?


BBW Latina interested in being in your videos maybe do black gangbanged you ever coming to Chicago


Macana man is NICE!!! More pls. I remember him from a old NY porn company SP****. They used to film mostly black and Dominican guys.


Hey what's up Habib I love the videos this shit is dope. I am from Detroit Michigan and I will traveled to Chicago. I really wanna work or fuck redzilla his dick so big . I can do something with that do. I'm 28 5"11 sexy as BBw.


I texted u hope to hear from u soon


@Antwonette i got more macana man for you.. @Lady liz yeah..but dont expect to be rich.

Lady liz:

Do you pay the females

Bryt s davis:

Like to hook up


cute asian chick from avns. u film any more girls there? lso...use the Macana Man guy again. cute face, nice dick


@Sherane I DID.. text me 312-seven2five-3seven1eight @miguel @domi not sure.. they come n go @Prbbw @Jessamine redzilla fans.. wow. hit him up on twitter dick hannibal red @Mecca need locals in chi, st.louis,indiana and ok only @im4thewomen she locked up for a few years

prince j :

upcoming pornstar from chi, interested in doing some work, like the women, if your looking for a proffesional male ladies man


Add me on Facebook..sherane Spr..




you where can i find the dominican girl red hair shorty


I want redzilla all to myself I definitely could handle that bbc.


I Love Redzilla 😍😍😍 , Can We Fuck Please 🙏


I would like to work as a star in your films on the regular. I can be reached at @@@@




where did you find German BBW Lady BLU?Because i'd like to book her.Whats her real name.because i can't find it anywhere.


MACANA MAN need him

Ronald goza:

i would like to join you


@Deon mack To join the movement, you got to be loyal, work for next to nothing and sacrfice your life for HABIB. @Hasidic Jew Never been there.. One day brother our paths shall cross. @Jordan71323 it dj stoeny jackson https://www.reverbnation.com/djstoneyj/songs @mohamedysaidy thanks dawg.


i love it


Plz habib what is that song playing in "mixed puerto Rican Ms natural"?? Looking all over the web but can't find it anywhere.

Hasidic Jew:

you have to come to crown heights to party with us

Deon mack:

I want to be on your website. How can I join the movement?


WE OUT Till 2016. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! BTW, members area will still be updated.


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lol@the sexi lexi preview. shit was real sexy...winding and shit..then she farts. LmAo. reality porn forreal.


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prakash p:

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Yooo habib does ms.natural have instagram so i can follow her or snapchat? twitter? Fb? If so can u hmu and tell me😂😂😂😂

morakinyo :

Habib u all did a great job I wanna be a pron star I stay in africa hw can I get to knw much about u and to be a porn star I av a huge bbc

Bryan M:

all of these girls are hot and sexy and smoking hot n beautiful.


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@Tk bravo lol.. @Lazer thanks bro. @Punjabi Nigga Thanks dawg..@javaun b. text me if its business.

Tk bravo:

i would like to join the group coz i love porn videos

Lazer :

good work bro

Punjabi Nigga:

Habib Loving The Website and Videos Bro, Get More Rican & Latina Hoes..We Dont See Enough Of Those Bitches Over Here In Birmingham, England UK

popping fly:

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@messi thanks dawg.. @James Paul ok.. @Ace ill have more of them in my next previews. @LatinKingKush lol.. yeah she is a character.


Nice video

James Paul:

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This site is a joke all the women are either ugly or slow and kimp dick niggas on here trying to pleasure women another unsuccessful site 😂😂😂😂👎👎


That Snikka preview was HILARIOUS!!! She was definitely trippn..AGAIN. Lmao


@LeeRoy HERE U GO https://www.reverbnation.com/djstoneyj/songs @blakkdik NOPE @Johns LOL..WTF. @Poopsie hopefully soon


hallo Mr.Habib. i saw ur website (habibshow) yesterday. I watch it. One video is very very hot. Lady blu is a clear bbw star. Big white plum body v/s small hard black body. Amazing...She is perfect colour,body,manerisms...hooo. Wonderful lady. Bt i request u few suggestions. Plz shoot lady blu's gangbang video. With interracial boys.atleast two black king sizers.. Plz include boobs,nipple sucking scences.. More fun. Two boys n two sides. Handling both tits hard play. Like mom- baby style. 10-15 minutes drinking scene... Lady blu in a mom roll.. Its very funny and hot scene from my imagination. Plz consider my suggetion. Anyway. I wish u all success to the habibshow.com. i expect ur kindly reply


Any future videos with Val Dogg?


hi, nice videos, any link in Ghana yet ?

Peter Jhon:

I need more videos.


What's the name of the song in the katt dylan video ... because I searched up stoney jackson and I found nothing


@Dmontana I havent heard from natural in a while. I know she has an IG, but dont know what it is. @g-rayjr hit katt dylan up on her twitter not sure who Selena Star is.


I been a member for a week now well worth it is there a ig for mz natural I need her in a couple of my own videos????


Looking to book Katt Dylan or Selena Star. Do you have their booking info?

oladimeji kunle:

I will like to join yo u I am from nigeria




@Debo i need the hookup out there ..dont have that yet. @pstbet4luv LOL.. i dont think i can make any of this up.


yo dawg. u ever thought about doin vids in london?


this site is not real please


@farhan yes, 100% muslim.. @your biggest fan club temptation @Aaron V i dont know it.


You people are Muslim???

your biggest fan:

which strip club do you recommend in Gary Indiana?

Aaron V:

Huge Fan of the Site love the work you pose. I'm a 23 yrs old junior in College from Savannah,Ga and a Big Fan of Mz Natural if have a twitter or instagram i would like follow to see about any updates, Hope you guys come visit Savannah soon. Respect and Blessings


We looking for Male & females interns in the chicago area. Must be loyal and down for the cause.

Hines :

Hey if you are looking for a trustworthy person and looking for male talent email me d@@@@.com I am I outgoing guy


@wolley marshall U IN FRANCE HOMY

wolley marshall:

je veux faire partie de habib show.je suis très efficace dans la baise .


@PrettiiPhat email us thehabibshow (at) gmail dot com @ nate thehabibshow (at) gmail dot com @Lee LOl.. i think u mean imma school u on how to fuck these hos right young buck. @Wale No, these females act flakey as hell! @Domizian & Jack Robinson I got too many dudes.


I would love to do a lesbian video with you.


Yo Bib. I stay in Chicago Jo let me work for you or something man. I'm done wit this street life and I really fuck with the show. I'll work for free.. Intern.. Cleaning up.. It don't matter


Fuck the bullshit fam.. Let me know when your in sf and teach a young 18 year old a thing or 3 about all these bitches 😤.. For real


Did u film any girls from chicago last exotica a month ago?


I wanna be a part of your show! Very gifted fellow, into all freaky pussy shit, gang bangs more, please consider me! I know i will work for free and won't create problems, i am good looking and gifted! Email me please!

Jack Robinson:

I really like this site and i want to join i am 25yrs old.


@thino Where u at now


am from nigeria and i need to fuck am uniquely ready for sex


Yo Habib i give you mad props on all the vids (previewed) some bad asz females and some aite and some had me chuckle... but most of all this page top notch 5 star... homie


@Augustus Shes in the members area. theres alot of videos that are in the members area you wont see in the free previews. @waelo thanks dawg


Hi, where can I find videos of this girl: http://www.xvideos.com/video1782579/chi-town_big_booty_chocolate_hood_bitch_fucked. I looked all over your site but can't find her... Please contact me at mrmallet@hotmail.com. Thanks


great videos!! greetings from germany

afrokiing36 :

Hy guys


@LBJ It will be up after a few weeks


BiB, when u gonna droop that other karmel cakes scene?


@Lara 2 rules..1 .better give good head & 2. ass up face down. @David rayiwanna Pray to the ho Gods. @gyamfi So do i.


Habib, in your opinion what's an unspoken rule when you're having sex?

David rayiwanna:

I wanna fuck snicka .. how can i arange that


I wont lovely sexy woman to date


@bisexual*dominican Thanks dawg. @mop afrika @LatinKing No clue what u mean.


bbw thai


Do u upload videos on your phone or something, why does uploads take so long?


where is Tanzanians


yo i love your videos i prefer this over scripted porn!much love keep posting all those big booty bitches


@PaulWall she in the members area. @ZANMAN in Zambia




Where can i get carmel kakes video. thxs


Hennessy any other pornstar? Full name?


@Anonymous Yes, when i find her..GIGI, if u alive, come to daddy! @GotBitches tell them females to call me must be 18+, with ID.


Can we get another Gigi vid?


I got a couple hoes and some decent tapes. How do I cash in on this business.


LOOKING FOR FEMALE INTERN, If you aint doing shit with ur life and u dont have kids & single. Looking for a dedicated, loyal, not camera shy intern. Learn the business edit, record, travel, etc. You all get room & board. email thehabibshow (at) gmail (dot) com


@Bensen Pay $1000 application fee, have aPhD in anthropology, write a 10-page essay on "why you dont like green eggs and ham" & get a signed permission letter from ur momma.


Please contact me at this number +26*******0. I am men.


I am interest in your show how can l apply to become your family. I am Namibia north South Africa. Please l am eager to know the requirement.




you i be laughing a lot with Ramon the snitch lol im from Dominican Republic keep uploading videos. nice job


Shout out to the TheHabibShow for showing love!@D-Ray


@Calidaydreamer she M.I.A. @KushKing yeah filmed 4 videos in las vegas. @Tina hes locked up. @NYBOUND \members area gets updated weekly( at least i try) The free you all are watching previews every few weeks


@Lara No.. dont be cheap break bread for a good cause. @d sent u the info


hey im trying to be on here wats the email?


Is it possible to buy just one video?


Yo habib, when you gonna post more vids?

Tina :

Hey any luck finding two pac

Stockton 209:

Stockton 209


did u film any chicks at the AVN's? I saw red post something on his twitter with u & some fat chick, but did u film any others?




Mz. Natural i need her info gram or twitter shit carrier pidgeon idgaf. Hook it up




@Technology.man: Hey genius, u know i have a "contact us" link on the bottom of my page.


@royce viva dominican republic. where the hos are grimmy and them niggaz are worst then grimmy. @hawaii boy ME TOO @Surf keep on surfing @garo u need to fuck ur dog first and if he enjoys it ur in.


Cuando tu va a la republica dominicana?ME GUSTA TU VIDEO MEN

hawaii boy:

habib i wanna do a video in hawaii


Yo habib... Im tryna do a scene with one of them shorties. Im tryna get on.


habib i like fucking i want to join u

Technology. man:

I like your website HABIB the mobile function isn't that great should check into having app made. It would help with cost of your hosting and would widen the viewers rage from 15% to more like 90% for mobile user .at the cost of free to download the app . To make it hit me up

John East:

Dude Been Followin the movement and ion kno wen or if its even a possibility but im tryin get down


HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL see back u in 2015


@saby get a bat @TREY ok. @stawiah send me an email


habib when ar u coming to Ghana Africa. i will love to host u




Was up my bitches


my ass needs something big


@Trey call me 312)725-3718




@kitty. yeah soon.. text mw some pics.. (312)725-3718


Are you gonna come to Houston anytime soon? I've never done porn and I wanna try.


@kingkalikush ferrari back in the chi. I need to go back to houston.


the ferrari chick was gutta....but NICE..lol. didnt u film any of those otheer buddahbang girls when u and red was down there?


@HABIB I can send you films but I want also having sex with one of your women in the site and make videos for the site


@Laraxxx tell her to hit me up. @mando youll be surprised how small of a world this is. youll can send me ur videos that u filmed.


Habib, you should check out Cardi_bb on insta and reach out to her! I'd love to see you do a video with her ;)


@HABIB No one will kill you because you are not famous besides we will make videos in five stars hotels so you will be safe and I will get you Egyptian women.I just want to contribute for this site


I Wanna fuck snicka How can i contact her


@Memento Mori her name is Columbian ho. @crista ur a retarded ho. @no name lol..yeah ok. @bitch you another crazy ho thats why all men should be single. @mando lol.. i aint trying to get killed by the muftis. @danny we dont have dvds for snicka.


Habib how can i go about getting intouch with snicka. I wanna fuck her


@Memento Mori her name is Columbian ho. @crista ur a retarded ho. @no name lol..yeah ok. @bitch you another crazy ho thats why all men should be single. @mando lol.. i aint trying to get killed by the muftis. @danny we dont have dvds for snicka.


Hi habbi how can i get my hands on the dvd of snicka getting gangbanged email me at @@@@@ Ill pay


why don`t you come habib and your crew to Egypt to make some videos I am man and I want to work for this site what should I do?my mail (mand@@@yahoo.com)


U cheating on me don't call me I'm the 240 that. U belived waz @@ CUZ I wanted to see ur reaction and I'm done so fuck u and ur little 6 inch dick take u 4 hours to make a girl cum....

no name:

Call me habib I want to fuck at 347@@$$$ my name is c gay a girl and go to morgan state and a freshman so call me at 8pm next Monday dec 1


U are a dumb bitch I hate that u not answering my text or call

Memento Mori:

C'mon Habib, what is the name of girl in the columbian crack ? i want fuck her! She look like my aunt!!

John kunda:

I like black clitz


Bro what's your facebook


@Memento Mori Idk make up a name for her. @nazia come to america..im sure u could find plenty of them


hi iam from pakistan i am fat 100kg 42 age big ass i want se4x whith big black cock

Memento Mori:

What is the name of girl in the columbian crack ?


@Frog ask god for guidance. @NYC Lady Blu.. that's her first video ever. So u aint going to find her no where on the net except on my site. Bigger aint better alot of females dont want huge dick. they just want to try it. I sure as hell aint built like a pornstar with my 6 inchs and belly but ill knock them thots down.


What is "Lady Blu" talent name media info? I cannot find her anyplace. And I don't understand why "bigger is better." I never got it and I never will get why someone would have to blame a guy for not having a large penis. IT's like saying to the majority of men in society go kill yourself because you are not built like a pornstar.


hello,I'm from South Africa and I to be a pornstar,sooo I do not know where to start.


@CORDOVA sent u an email @gatuza hello im from hell full of hustlers and wannabes @Boston I got the 1st video of Queen after the tats and piercing.


hi my name is Brice ykpe I Ivorian I live in Ivory Coast I am 25 years old now its been SEVERAL months I watch the videos of habibshow I like to know if there is an opportunity to be filmed for pornographic movies thehabibshow contacted if possible I speak French!


hello every one my name is gatuza,i m from BURUNDI.


I got the first video of Queen. Before all the tattoos and piercings


@Coraly we can make it happend.. send us an email thehabibshow at g mail dot com. @ read the faq and join. @RASHID go get a ho.

Coraly :

I want to do something with The Puerto Rican guy with tattoos! I don't care if it's on video, I just think he's a freak and I want that! lol I'm a woman btw!


thank you for sharing nice clippings.to join habib what are the terms & conditions. thank you.


i need a sugarmummy hook


can i meet any lady for a night stand


@lannie Give me a call we can arrange that. @kingkush it will be up this week.


I want to get fucked by Red


when u adding that snicka joint?


@nasty we are always looking for female talent only. NO DUDES. Send us an email thehabibshow (at) gmail . com


how can i get a job @Habib


@PurpKush hes in a few more should be coming in the next few weeks


You still work with bbc Redzilla?? any other movies he's in beside the latest one?


@jamie LOL..he's MIA. Got to wait till i see him


hey i wanted to know whats up with two pac is he coming out with more videos


hello i want suncribe here


@sally YES, there are 2 more videos of henessy coming out in the next few weeks.

sally :

are thier more videos of hennessy?


@KeefGBE these are the type of videos i love filming @josemary next time ill film a gangbang with her @judyJ its already in the members area


lol@the boyz 2 men music. you ah fool! lol


dude had a 4 inch dick...that girl had too much meat to get pass..he couldnt get it in. poor guy. btw...u shouldve let red and the stretch dude double team her.


When u gonna release that stephie kim & Burns scene?


@drewk LOL..it was pretty wild. we going to have Jose Burns Back to redeem hiself!!


yoooo, your last update is the funniest one every!!! i was dying when that dude was like don't look at me!!!!


@Hasidic Jew give me a call 3127283715

Hasidic Jew:

Habib, I would like to show you around Jackson Heights Queens; its perfect for you I will pay for the talent!! can I call You?




@mike I doubt it. the supper duper booty brazilian girl @lebanon shes MIA @yoyou not sure. whenever it happends. @Hasidic jew No, i would if there were some femlas to film


what was the name of super duper Brazilian girl. which met u on cocobana beach. there is any other stuff available about her on net?


how can I talk to Natural


when do we see more of Hennessy? he was awesome in the ms. natural video

Hasidic jew :

Do you ever come to Cleveland? or Ohio?


@Hasidic Jew Club Temptation

Hasidic Jew:

Yo Habib Im in Gary for Business where does Ms. Nasty Dance? How can I hook up with her?


i like big booty dance


@MarcyNY oh yeah she on the site.. i think she goes by india


heres the twitter pic: http://t.co/4T7y7dfMnw


Aight cool!!!Who is the redhead slim dark chick that u all filmed late last year??? Was the scene too bad to upload


@ MarcyNY yeah we got gogo fuk me..it will be coming up in a few weeks


Hey Bib!!! Two girls on Red's twitter timeline. First, I see last month he was licking GoGoFukMe ass...PLEASE tell me u filmed her. Also, who is the slim chick with the red hair from last year? Where the vid?


@KingKush LOl..Redzilla Loves BBW's. @NOEMI BLONDE already hit u up on fb @Alex Stoney Jackson heres his twitter https://twitter.com/djstoneyj


Love ur site. But pls film the redzilla guy with girls that arent so fat. Thxs




Love your site bro


Pls, what's song play in Lady's Queen video?!!!!


@Wendy Williams LOL u crazy girl..good meeting you there too. @T wtf. @shantelzxx thats why an education is important..her name is NATURAL

Wendy Williams:

Habib was nice meeting you and RedZilla at Exxxotica...... I wanted to pull his cock out and deep throat it on the convention floor :)


Would y'all let a straight guy do a video with one of your whores


whats the name of the Ms. Natural Puerto Rican girl?


@Tina sorry we dont do trial passes. @kingjames Thanks!. @BidDickBandit go to Brazil


Damn I wanted to see two pack fuckin her... Y'all should offer a day or three day pass I wouldn't mind buying one of those


Yo habibshow, you are a genius for this!!!!


yo where can i c more of the samba queen


@tina..yep, i found him and a new video will be up soon and its wild! @Pakistani Ok bro.


have yall found tupac yet we ready for another video from him


Brother I got the 'balls' just not in the states but in Europe. Shit, if I was there then I'd be smashing them hoes too!


yo do ms. natural have a twitter or something. she got the best material!


@Shesaid Every 2 weeks , but the members area gets updated every week! @Kenboss this is a reality site, i film them how they come to me


What day do you post new videos?


who wants to hear some depression shit, that u were obviously tryna get a laugh out of, before a fucking porn movie?? just think next time u film. First the girl wasnt looking to good, then u made her tell a fuckin sob story. bad move!!


@Sanjib thanks dawg. @Porn freak You t..she ain't baD at all.. she has a beautiful face, dimples, sexy smile gives great head what more can a man want

porn freak:

Im sorry habbib but butterfly is one ugly smelly bitch .....you can do better


I Need And I Loved Your Work At The HabibShow


@ktrey77 Google Music by Panjabi mc RMX and Daz Dillinger


Wat song is that playin on the vid wit coco


@Heavy Thanks dawg, but dont need no more male talent. @ Stubbz call me.(312)725-3718. @Isreal U cant! @Tasha LOL.. Ok E


Who is the cute dude on the bed that jackd off with the big dick why he never in the video gettin pussy


how can i join the group


Wat up Habib like what u doin wit the website nd everything but come to Nap wit it man i got the hoes on lock round here fwm 317


yo big up to you. keep up the good work. How can I be a member of the staff LOL


@Dude. Heres my advice...DONT FILM IN THE DR! I've learned the hard way. @K.C. thanks man. @B igDickNigga, thanks dawg.


Yo Habibi. Please help me out. I've contacted you before but got no response. I'm plannin a trip to Sosua Dominican. I've been there before so I know what it's all about. This time I want to shoot some porn but I'm terrified because I heard all kinds of horror stories about girls havin fake ID and how the girls, police, judges all work together to lock you up for bogus charges so they can split the money it will cost you to get out. The money that I don't have. I need some advice brother because I do not want to end up in prison down there for filmin some pussy. I'll do my best to make sure the ID's are legal, and have the girls sign model release forms but I heard that can't even save you. Please give me some advice on what to do in order to avoid gettin locked up.

K. C:

I want to commend you for building such a wonderful website. It's uncensored, no holds barred, no corporate chicanery, no coverup, no distortion.


Sup Habib, Mad pakistani love from Winnipeg Canada! Habib is going to hell


@jay no clue. @lil mama That's E. he fucked big booty gigi. @Yanni theres alot of bad bitches in every city. @Pakistani My paki bro u aint got the ballz to do what i do! WE ARE ALWAYS LOOKING FRO MORE FEMALE TALENT CALLUS!


How can I become a porn star?.

lil mama:

who is the dude with the big dick on the bed why he not fuckin in any videos

Yanni :

Yo come to the virginia especially the 757 or dc. It a lot of bad bitches out here.

Pakistani. :

Brother, I love your site, you be pimping them ladies wish I was there to bro.


@hasidic jew! Call me or text me ur number again. IM DOWN for it 312-725-3718. @jasperni send ur pics to thehabibshow (at) gmail (dot) com

hasidic jew!:

Yo what up habib when you in brooklyn call me I got some crazy ass hasidic bitches for you!!!!!!!!!!


wana work wit u.


We had a good 2013! All my fans/followers have a good holiday season. We out the country filming till January. We will see You all next year with more updates.


@NATURAL Thanks my BOO thang. @Spooky B yeah, we workin on more BBW and MILF.

Spoony B:

You need more BBW and MILF videos



Dholla :

Yo waddup bro jus showing lov... I fucks wit ya work... I know u not a big fan an all but u got some great bbws up here... Get ya boy redzilla behind some more of them bbws lol his scene wit lady seductress was poppin!!!! I fucks wit that nigga... I wanna join this site to but I would like to see more bbw... Tell zilla I said waddup... Get that nigga more scenes


@HabibIsMine Whenever I got hookup for females out their. We can bring u to Chicago. @Tina two pac is MIA...We still looking for him!


Where is two pack he cracks me up I want to see him fucking again


When are you coming to New York? :*


@ILoveHabib.. LOL>>My face is the on the header of all the pages and in some of the videos.


@HABIB show us your face! ;)


@Alexandra it depends.. text me (312)725-3718. @Khia LOL.. whenever I find him I will! @Atila im sure its not going to be a problema in the DR @rski, yeah, it was by my homie Dj. Stony Jackson. music. Queen is my Queen. @goleador email me thehabibshow (at) gmail (dot) com. @fernando Thanks Dawg.. we try our best


@HABIB Do you ever work with women who don't want to be filmed but want to get with you?

Khia :

Can you make another video with tupac he turns me on for some reason


Hello, I am looking for some Dominican BBC to seduce and fuck my 38 years old milf. Check twitter Toy4black. We go every year to Puerto Plata Dominican Republic to go to the local discos


the video with "queen". what was that song in you coffee girl by dj stoney jackson? Queen was banging.


how can i find ms. natural the sexy rican? tryna book her for event in miami


habib im from africa i like put one video in your web


the habib show is the greatest reality tv show ever


We are always looking for femlaes. send pic & lcoation to thehabibshow (at) gmail.com or text us (312)725-3718

johnny enock:

i wanted to have sex with a mother of three


pourquoi vous ne tourner pas de videos black tranny fuck black girls(surtout pornostars black girls)?


Yo this shit is fire . How do y'all get ya dicks that big?


@CANDICE text or call me at (312)725-3718


Im a 25yr old hot always horny and down for anything $$$ female. Im in Chicago . Hml or inbox me !!!!!


We are looking for cute females to become stars. No baggage. must be sexy!


@Clos Los Angeles lol..Thanks dawg. @OyeeMiguel thanks dawg, @Fuego stick to ur white collar job. less headache @DAT1NIGGA i fuck wit DAT1NIGGA

Clos Los Angeles:

Epic. Great videos. i can watch the whole video without getting bored. make more make more!


Yo Habib keep up the great work and keep the beautiful women coming.


Wadup,Habib? Check it, I'm a smart dude in NYC with a marketing background worked in different avenues of the industry from fashion to pharmaceutical but I want to break into your industry is where my heart is... if you ever need anyone to hold the camera or coordinate/manage shit in the background... Maybe even a PA to pull help pull shit together... bang back at me. It's what I do as project manager/acct exec... Tired of the white-collar bullshit... Ready for The Habib Show!




hey guy love to join how can i


@Brayan Call Me @ E Money Thanks dawg, but all women are beautiful. @Yusuf Thanks Dawg. @Aj info was already forwarded to her. @Rachid.. im waiting on ur boy French Montana


I love the team and i want to join,from nigeria.

E Money:

Yo, damn, there are some fine ass bithces on this shit. I am letting you know the best bitches on here are either Brazilian or black women (see I don't call a black women a ho as a white man. Here's why: 1) Brazlian: dark hair, skin, ass, booty's sexual bitches. 2) Black women just seem to have more fun and know how to fuck. And they thick too. Even the slender ones are thick These are my top choices for selection.




I Will love to join this group and act as a professional monster, i love it and i am willing to join it, i love you habib and keep it up for us.


Yo Habib can u hook me up wit that chick tia carter i think me and her would make a good team im in the ATL


Is there any moroccans here ?

rebecca :

you should come to the UK babes


@licky.LOL.. we dont do gay PORN. Never have Never will!!


I want to be passive gay porn actor this is my mail l@@@@hotmail.com'm Dominican hope answers to my email


@AMIR..Lol. thanks dawg. The mullahs would be proud!


@HABIB- Mad respect for what you do. Keep reppin us Pakis out there!!

big smoke:

i luv this site. its really sexy


@playa123 call us (312)725-3718 @Mac LOl.. thats shit is funny. If u willing to break bread u can come fuck wit us. text us (312)725-3718


Is there a way a guy like me can get in your videos, I haven't got laid in forever and I am looking on getting into the biz!!!!!


habib may i be an assistant i find i will very helpful in getting hoes and freaks im in atlanta and know about every last hoe you can name or think of


@petiteboo text me at (312)725-3718. We dont pay alot, but we get your name out there! @S.man thanks dawg, but we aint going to ghana anytime soon.


How much is the pay? I'm from Chicago when will you be back here??


wow. what a site, its so authentic and damn good. am from Ghana, west africa. a male. any featuring for me. have a huge cock. please let me knw. thanx


Habib, if you're shooting in ny. hit me up ny***@gmail.com


Habib when the next time you shooting in FL?


You can add me to your list of studs.I would love to get laid and paid....


Ladies in chicago area.. we are looking for performers. Hit us up.


can u come in Mali (west africa)?


it is very nice, she have a nice pussy and booty, i want to be here with she and eat her pussy


TO MR. BEST PUSSY EATER need to see more of you


yo i been all ova the world an fuck hella hoes. you the greatest habib


Please come to hawaii


@Habib, whats good wit that chick coco? Is she on any other sites?


@stud..wow u trippin. @papa kaydhick go to jamaica @farhan everywhere in patayya is good stanky pussy @chris thanks for the luv.. but i got to many goonz in my crew. I need a 3rd eye to watch them all


hi habib it is great raw porn site but please how can i purchase 400 hour dvd for viewing personally.

papa kaydhick:

i love jamaican pussy

Local Celebrity772:

Hey man i got a shit load of hoes thats down to get on here


whats good with coco, I haven't seen her in a while, where is she hiding? Keep up the good work by the way.


hey habib wats up?...btw um going 2 pattaya in 2013 july...so can u tell where can i find good hoes in pattaya..thanks


Hello I am from India. GREART CONTENT


Ive look at your sight and yah do bitches on dirt like i do in springfield,mass im looking for a job or to be part of the crew i just like fucking bitches and clowning them well if there not dimes ofcourse and who ever is runing the site they got a couple of missing words or miss-spelling but your too hood for that correction shit lol im a big fan of your work and how u go with the flow just a young goon looking for a crew to be apart off and fuck latin hoes since u be looking out for some of the cats on the videos lol look foward to hearing from you


@Dwitit Da Mac THANKS DAWG.. ill hit u up when i got a sec. @Yung_cake ill hit u up. @ Lala L!sa LOLThanks.. I wish every bitch thought the same way u did! @amparbeng.. U in ghana hit me up with ur email.

Dwitit Da Mac :

whats good with you CEO Mr. Habib I'm a serious fan in your website I visit everyday I can a chance because the way you guys get down with these hoes is a reminder to my personality with me being a REAL Mac Out Here In Cali. I always wanted to be a pornstar fucking with the bitches along with putting them on to the live sex world. just peep this out Im 26 & I feel if I join your crew that I can bring something to the table that the other members may not be able to bring Im very ambitious & persitant with my talent with these hoes so if we can connect then you can call me at @@@@@@@@


yo whts shakin habib wnt lie i see the footage ite bitches i fucks wit yall liv in queens nyc jamaica to be exact but long story short niggas is on the same page wit yall an we got a lot of models willin to link up no bullshit involved jus real recognizing real sena@@@@@@@@ name cake hit me

Lala L!sa:

@Habib Damn daddy, you is sexxxy as fuck! I luv my nikkas thick & packing like you! If you're eva in LA I wanna get with you & ride that BBC!


i love to act porn am in ghana how can i get in habib


hey habib,i love your site.my favorite is black lactating girls.i know you have one on there,and she was sweet.i want to join your site,but i just want to watch all of the black and pregnant sites.how many do you have on here?you can email me at e####@s###### i want to join.thanks.


hello mr habib I have gone to thailand several times but I could not find such lovly women can you tell me the phone number or email or even facebook profile of the mrs " give me money" and the bbw lady from bangkok this is my emai r@@@@@@@@@ thanks your sincerely


@shacore.. Youll Nigerian are crazy, I know u been trying to reach us.. Send an email to us thehabibshow at gmail dot com and no scams my nig. @prince450 We got too many dudes in our crew. @allen no homie, suck ur own thang.


suck my thing


guys can you come down to Nigeria africa


i want to join you


@bigg boi @grindinall day We upload a new video every other week, but sometime shit happends when u deal with as many of societies ILL forgotten as i have.

bigg boi:

what's up with the updates.... wen y'all gon get some more new ones


Hahaha.. Cuanto pagan x polvo!.

grindinall day:

Habib... When you going to upload a new video?


man whats the full name of woman in the preview for nikki delicious

eric g:


eric g@@@@:

why u don't have a place to sell full movies on dvd


@slim noir @funtimes I aint no pimp, you all got to find ur own hoes. @MzBloUrMind send us an email and pics


Juss came across ur site and i love diz shit...my head is da dumbest u should cum fck wit me



slim noir:

any bitches near boca raton,fl to fuck? let me know


hey habib you got any female connects in the orlando,fl/fort pierce area??


Back from Brazil.. all new Brazilian Rio Hoes Coming Soon


@tony..yeah im going to start back doing more hood shit.. @cdot. you all can hit tia carter up. her email addresss at missmindblower@yahoo.com


the video documentary on crack is the realise shit ,need to add more ...keep them coming ,,hit me back


Im From Chicago and Im Ready To Pipe One Of These Beautiful Models You Got On Here


I Wanna Do A Movie With Tia Carter


so Horny and really need sexy machine lady am in Georgia in Europe


Lol..@LInda just buy a bat and if that's too small for u, I can always stick my leg up ur coochie. @ David roach.. u may need to hoookup with @LInda.


Hi, Habib, im a thick 6ft,big booty sister who has always to try, one of ur big dick pornstars, never had anything bigger than 5inches.please help for fill my dream of a pornstar with at lease 10 or more inches.


make a video of a chic doin shit wit a old dirty homeless man

david roach:

yo habib, im a pornstar willing to wrk with you. i'm 10 inches long blck and will travel all over. trust me im what ur looking for call 347*****


@victor LOL..I'm cool at see ur dick


hi habib i love your swag. u really need to see my big dik you will love it. i need you to help me come over am in Nigeria you will be proud of me. mail me kane4l*******

marty :

how can i meet this bitch the white bitch


nice fucking games wanna service? Always available


Happy New Years to You ALL.. Lets make that 2012 $$$$


Yo you needa come down to Orlando & put it on these hoes. ASAP!!


me quiero hacer mienbre de la pajina


Nov 23 to Dec 1: We gone out the country filming. New updates in Dec.


keep dem bitchz nutt n and cumm n HoMIe!!!!!!!!!!!!!


man shit ill love to fuck tia cater n have her ride my face

june :

i got the goods


st.louis,chi-town,dallas, okc,t-town and of course our overseas dominican republic and brazilian ladies hit us up to be filmed..


thank you all for the luv.. You'll keep asking the same questions. I dont need any male talent. We got plenty of that. If you need any advice on how to get in the game. YOU HAVE TO BREAK BREAD!

big E:

Wat it is habib. Ima be college fan of ur site. I'm tryin to do the same Shyt u do in college. Ur awsome. U fuck bitches around the world. What more can u ask for. How can I be part of ur crew? Sincerely, big E



da don dadda:

Im trying to get in the porn business...so if u kan kall me r text me back my name is da don dadda


Lol..how u talk to those girls when u go to dominican republic,wat u been sayin to them lol


Hey bro i seen ur site an its pretty savage mi an my team wanna knw if u can hook us up with one of these hoes on ur site, *JBREEZE*


hollar at me if ur in ny we can polly i got kitty cats on demand

the cuddler:

i have not join ur site yet but i dig ur vision im in nyc and i sleep eat and get money out of pussy so i feel ur pain keep up the movement..

laurence :

prendre ^plaisir sur se site


Hello. I like ur site. Im unable to find any filipinas on ur site. I recomend manila. Mad crazy hoes. I spent many months there. For real check it. They love foreigners!!!. Thx vgil


Im jay Habib I Fuck with ur site Bro I've been on there I'm from Chicago 2. if its possible I would like to know how u got started in the porn biz


@GLIMO. yeah i got ur email, ill hollar at u in a few months when i get shit setup in NYC. Females in the east coast hollar at me, if u wanna get filmed.


@omar and every dude thats been trying to hollar at us. You ll are wasting ur time.. WE DONT NEED ANY MALE TALENT!


When in NYC call me GLIMO for all of your transportation needs!!! Stretch Limousine service GE@@@@AOL.COM I love this site

intrested :

Im black male in Dallas Tx and im intrested doing a porn movie if you are hiring. If so hit me up

o mar :

Hi habib, my names o mar nd im a 20 years old black man, I love sex nd pussy, so I was just wondering if u hiring right now, thnx


We in St. Louis until Sept 8. Ladies hit us up if you wanna be filmed.


@CrazyIndianolddog Lol.. thanks, but dont need no security. We were all born to die it just hasnt been my time yet! Hopefully, Ill be here till my nuts sag past my knees


I just checked out your site for the first time,and to be honest it's pretty good!I am 55 years old and available for your crew as a adviser or security,I am a skilled martial artist!if you feel a need to respond I shall be more than happy to give you further information....


thanks all for the luv.. @Moshady I aint Mr. Myagi and this aint the karate kid.. you all need to learn the game on ur own. @ayo anywhere in the DR there are plenty of hoes down for whatever. @gladiator.. yeah ur right i need to have a tranny fuck a fine ass pornstar like pinky or carmen hayes @iSmokeloudpaccs mercedes aint nothin but a few hours from d-town.


Have you a movies black tranny fuck black girls?


i am hitting up d.r this dec for a week. boco chica santo domingo or maybe somewhere on the north cost. and i want to get some feamles haha. hit me up


Sup Homie... i texted you awhile back on how to get into the Biz. i have a few movies etc.. i need help on how to get exposure and get in the $$$. Teach me homie, am willing to even send you my flicks for a cut or whatever....gn*****@****.com


Da Bitch Ms.Mercedes You Put Me On Sum Pussy Like Dat Come To Texas Nigga


Im off too the UrbanX Awards..Lets se how crunk they get it this year!


@Whats up..U & All them females email me a pic b4 ill even hollar at u. @NY. Thanks Dawg

porn star :

Hey i am a male i want to become a porn star do you think u can help me

Whats up..:

Whats up with you? I seen your picture, and Dawm i like what i seen. Is there any way that i can see more of you


Your site is amazing homie. I wanted to never go to college an just fuck girls for a living. I always got laid, an girls where all over me but damn, I wish I could be on the level ur on. Good work with the site. Real raw uncute shit. That's the new porn


When are you returning to the dominican republic? Love your website


@sicknasty. LOL..You'll in ATL askin me to hook youll up with ATL hoes. that's ur hood, not mine. Hoes dont care about nothin but weed, liquor & money.


yo Habib let me kno how I can fuck some of these atl chicks nxt time u come thru


@YungLoc4rmDaSmoke.. Thanks Dawg. Youll know when im there..going to be Nothin but fuckin n smokin in Missisippiss. @Pat D. LOL.. The Streets show no mercy.


Let a nigga knw when you come to Mississippi in the Cleveland Area. #realfuckntalk

Pat D:

Wad up habib. Let a nigg kno how i can get on this wit yo ass! Chicago 2 austin tx, makin moves nd takin niggas money fuckin their bitchs! Holla at me!


da stoopi hoe on da left


Shoutouts IS WORKING again! Bug Fixed. Show some Love/Support and leave a message!


If you sent me a Message here and don't see it. We are fixing the issue and will let you know when its fixed, so u can resend it again.


@JayPr. Thanks Dawg for the Luv. Been wanting to go to PR, but them Rican Females are too much of a Pain in the ASS


Was good Habib...nice job on the site, big fan for a long time...come down to PR, plenty of hoes ova hea...holla...Jay


@TX. We try to be the best. We luv them Texas Hoes" Thanks for the Luv.


Your site is the most legit porn i've ever seen. I wish I had the balls to travel for pussy. I stay local but anyways ur the fuckin best!


Sup Habib. I love the fact that you're traveling the world fucking bitches. Was wondering if there is any possible way i can join the team ?!


@el chino LOL.. Thanks Dawg, I Think!

el chino:

hey habib i love you bro. you da best TFL (trick for life) oh by da way you got my lil sister in one of your videos nigga


@H@ndsom3.. Not worth the headache. Its not easy. Stick to watching it :)


Yo wassup fan of ya show wanted to know how to become a star any advice


Good and funny videos lol


Hey just registered huge fan and on my way to Dr keep doin what u doi


I just found your clips on ***porn, and they are the best, you are living a dream, u got me ready to pursue my own show!!!! Lol.. but for real I'm joinin


suggest another country 4 u to travel to. Try going to Nicaragua,in central america. The women there a fine as hell. The hookers R out everywere you


Lov your website, Habib! I'm gonna mov to Dominican R. Can u give some hooker agency names, web or info? Pleeease, man! I beg u! Thanks. Take care!


Brah I need me a hood rat pass them on. My names Habib too haha


I live in canada and came across your site its bomb bro!!!




I just found out about your site yea you real nikka I need to do Wat u doing I work a bull shit job 8.50hr I can be fucking hoes and getting pad your my role model


Habib- man yo website iz off da chain- i luv dem thikk chicks 2 dawg- im not sure if u will anwser, but i wuz wondering if u could snd a big booty fani


Great site Habib. Im in chitown too. Any chance u can hook me up with chickenhead's number. Shes so fine.


What up habib show. The videos are dope my nigga! Keep that real shit coming! This ya boy big lord from chi-town, but im in texas now.

James :

Hey habib i can say that i truly admire what you do i been wanting to do this fan


Hi habab im a big fan of yours i love to see u naked


Female fan from az...Loving the previews... can't stop reading the funny ass descriptions :)


Hey what's up habib --- I love your work--- u stay with sum bad bitches in your videos


Wassup this one of ur biggest fans


What up bro bad ass web site love it come to the Dee(Detroit )we have sum fine ass females here keep up the good work

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