I have been getting alot of emails asking me some crazy shiznick shit! Here are some of the Questions!

Who the Fuck are you?

I am Just an Ordinary, Horny 30 - something year old, fat & hairy Paki who wants the American Dream TO GET LAID AND GET PAID!

Did you really work at the Quicky Mart?

LOL... Hell No. I love to make fun of the typical sterotypes of my Paki People. Growing up in a disfunctional paki home and having most of my friends growning up the same. You know its inevitable we going to be just wild. I grew up hanging with different races of people from Asians, latinos, blacks even a few white people. I did horrible in high school, I think I graduated with a 1.7GPA, but realizing my family doesnt own any business and I hated working some shitty job, I decided to go to college. After about 6 1/2 years of going to 4 or 5 different schools none stop starting with basic math and reading classes I graduated with a bachelor degree in Engineering (yes, I really did). That was a surprise to alot of people including me, as much as i hated it, i actually did it! Now, you all know at least, im not just some ghetto ass dirty hairy paki. Im at least an EDUCATED, ghetto ass dirty paki. And yes, im still horrible in English, My parents spoke urdu growing up so my english vocabulary is horrible.
After working as an engineer for a few years, I realized i hated working for people and so, i started dabbling in just about everything u can image to be independent from working for the man. Finally, that's when i met my homeboy, dopeman and the rest was history. BTW, theres more to my life then two paragraphs, but this is quick summary how i got started. There's alot of craziness in my life But, im sure u can get an idea just from seeing some of the friends in my videos i grew up with.

How the hell did u start in the game?

Back in 2005, my homie Young Dopeman, who owns hoodboxoffice.com, got me into the game. I thought who would want to see a fat, hairy paki fucking these hoodrats. He encouraged me and told me they dont have someone like you on the net and sure enough, he was right....I was actually on the phone with him when i had my first sale. So, i have to show some love and respect for the talented homie, for getting me in the game.
My life has definately changed, time will tell if its a good or bad thing..either way it is and has been a great experience thanks to Young Dopeman IM LIVING THE AMEREICAN DREAM.. TO GET LAID AND GET PAID!

Are the women models or professional actors?

HELL NO! These are Regular women I meet from the clubs, friends and from travel around the world. We have a few Pornstars, but we keep it all unscripted. We let them do whatever they want.

Is your site really an 'amateur' Porn site?

YES, unlike many other so-called Amatuer sites, I do all the Producing, editing, & some of the Fucking on my site and I met all the women on my own or through friends. We DONT FAKE THE SHIT.. THIS IS ALL 100% REAL REALITY IN YOUR FACE FILMING!

Why should I become a member?

Cause you help supporting a good cause! I cant travel the world without you all! You can see for urself, what some of these fine looking hoes will do for a few $$$. we have over 200+ videos in the members area, + Video Feeds, forum, blog.

Can I be on your site?

IF you are a female, you are more then welcome to email me, but I dont pay shit! A bus ride and burger king is all you getting. For the fellows, I got plenty of dudes, unless ur a Midget, Handicaped or your mama considered you a 'SPECIAL' child. I could use one of youall to be in the videos.

The videos dont play, what can I do?

They should play on whatever type of device you are using. If they dont send me an email.

Why are the videos playing slow or buffering?

Cause its probably your internet connection! Get a higher speed internet connection.

Who handles your Billing and will my wifey/GF Know I Joined?

www.epoch.com handles all our billing. You can contact them 24/7. Your Credit Card will be discretely and securely billed.

How do I cancel the membership once I join?

You can cancel anytime at www.epoch.com, cs.segpay.com or our alternate billing www.ccbill.com.