Chi-Town Nikki Delicious

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I have been traveling all around the world, fucking these fine sex freaks, but I aint forgot about the local chi-town black hood bitches.Yeah, I got 2003 Ms. Black USA pagent black Hoe. Yeah, u heard it, it did not come out from my mouth. all say it again, I GOT MS 2003 MS. BLACK USA pagent hoe. You all decide if the shit is true or Not. Well, that was in 2003, its 5+ years later. I picked the Pagent Hoe up on the south side of Chicago & we went to her house. The bitch is a freak, she got her perky black nipples, tips & tongue pierced, shes in her late 20's & black thick. watch the Preview & see it all in the members area. Black s

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