WTF..Costa Rican Lesbians??

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These are some fine costa rica pussy. I filmed these 2 ticas in san jose, costa rica. This was another Crazy, wild, Habib Experiment; In the picture above one of them is a man and the other is a women. You just got to figure which one is which. Yes, this is some crazy shit, even for me, but it goes to show that no matter how much a man tries to look or imitate being a women or drag queen as they are called. They still have them natural insticts to fuck a Women and believe me it was fucking the shit out this women. She's a little older, light skinned costa rican tica pussy hoe, but she was a freak. Watch this video & laugh, puke or get turned on! The whole videos in the members area, all movies and pictures are FULL down loadable. l

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