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When I was a little habibi, being from a different culture wasn’t easy.  My parents were old school Pakis, my mom wore traditional clothes,  raised us speaking our native language(Urdu) and eating good ole Pakistani food.  We had moved to the suburbs of Chicago back in the 80’s and it was in your face racism back than.  They didn’t have no hate laws, bullying laws or anything like that.  So, growing up I heard every racist word you can image.  They even used to have a group of older white boys that hated pakis and Indians called IHK (Insane Hindu Killers) Its kind of funny now, especially since im muslim! When they would see us they would chase us or try to beat us up cause of our color of our skin and culture.  Even as I got older that racist shit never stopped, from dealing with police to working for the man.  So, off course, I stuck with people I felt comfortable and that I could relate to, which were being around minorities Asians, blacks, Arabs, Latinos and that kind of stayed with me for a long ass time!  I am sure you all can see after filming for 12+ years I don’t even have one white boy on my site!  Well, as I got really, really old and much wiser, I started being more open to accepting white boys in my clique.  So, this is the FIRST TIME EVER, We are breaking the walls down.. I have my first White Boy on TheHabibShow!!  his name is Brad Knight and he is making TheHabibShow History!  He actually a real cool dude, he has that good vibe, and has alot of positive energy flowing in the room when he comes in.  So, I thought lets see what he can do!  Honestly, I a little skeptical, I thought this skinny white boy, he aint going to be able to hang especially with Maria Jade and her Phatt ass!  BUT, MANNNN WAS I WRONG.  He was tearing her PAWG pussy up and she was loving it.  Man, I was surprised the way he was fucking her, he was hitting her hard, fast and deep and she took his BWC like a champ.  I didn’t know white people can fuck like that. He has the spirit of a Mandingo warrior in him.  They had some really good chemistry together.. You all going to love this scene, Mad props to Brad and Maria for being the first white on white scene on thehabibshow in 12+ fuckin years!  The video is about an hour long, So Join Now and Support the wildest REAL Reality site on the Net!!!

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