Thailand, Patayya Hoe

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Pattaya, Thailand. This is one the best resort towns i have been to and a great place to shoot some thai porn. There's a place called Walking Street, wich is full of go-go bars, strip joints & its open all night long. There's nothing but hoes & tourists there. I decided to stray the path & went away from walking street. They usually got alot of small bars away from the action. So, aftere about 3 hours of going from bar to bar, I finally find a Freindly little joint full of hoes. The Barender, she was a petite little, 25 years old, cute,sexy thai yellow bitch. She was bartending, but drinking at the same time. so, the thai pussy hoe had a good little buzz. The Funny thing about women when they get bubbly from drinking, is they start to whine more & complain more & she was one of them. Watch the preview & enjoy. The Full video including DVD is in the members area.

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