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My homie Rowdy brought her too me.  Ive been knowing Rowdy since i was in the 4th grade.  He hasnt changed a bit.  He talks alot of funny shit.. he the same ole since ive known him.  I'm going to let you alll know SHE IS NOT CUTE at all!  Her name is La-la.  She in her 30's , petite and Her body looks like its been through hell and back. She has scab marks and scars all over her back and she has a beard and mustache stubbles that are thicker then mine!  YES.. SHE IS 100% FEMALE and she is NOT A TRANNY.  She had one of them hard lives, drugs, prison and back n forth same routine.  I had to find someone to fuck her.. so my boy E owed me big time for not showing up at a shoot, so this was his day to make it up and he some how was able to get it up and bust.  Lol.. even Jose Burns joined in and was fucking this puerto rican freak.  I guess after the inital shock she just kind of doenst look that bad, i got used to her looks.  I guarantee you theres alot of dudes that would and have fucked her on the downlow.  I could'nt but E and Jose sure did. This is probably the worst sex ive seen in the past few years, but the video pretty funny.    SO, join and watch what happends when u get strung out on drugs you wind up on thehabibshow.  Congradulation La-La :)

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