Puerta Rican Chi-town Lady UNknown

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Back to the roots of the way I started into the Porn Game...STRAIGHT HOOD. Im back in the West Side of chicago Kickin it with my homie and his crazy wife, whom i have been homies with since a little, little habib. Anyway, we cruisin around the west side for about 20-30 minutes and finally we found someone from the neighborhood to shoot a video.. Shes 30 years old peurtorican mixed latin pussy.. I knew this bitch was ghetto when she started talkin.. come to find out shes a Insane Lady unkown.. if you'll havent heard of them, them are some real gansta's.. When I was growin up back in the 90's they were in war with every crew. They were some Pretty harcore thugs.. anyway, I took her to one of the hourly hotels on madision avenue and, when she took off her clothes, she had some nce perky tits.. I was kind of surprised.. This freaky latin puerto rican pussy video is 40 minutes long in the members area with 1000's of pictures. You all remember we have the best black and Latin Porn on the net!!!

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