Midget & Ms. PAWG

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HE'S BACK 4'2" My Black MIDGET freind with a 11" dick SHorty BIG.. Its been 5 Long years since I seen him. he moved out of town and we lost contact with each other. I was at the strip club filming this Fine, Phat Ass White Girl (PAWG) I call her Ms. PAWG. I havent seen a white girl with a phat big booty ass in a long, long time. She told me she was cool about getting filmed, so after she was done stripping, she wanted me to go apt, where all her people are. I didnt really know who they were or where i was going, but thats the chances i take. I got to the front door and they all knew who I was. 2 minutes later, Shorty Big comes from another room and he was happy as hell to see me.. He knew it was fuckin time.. Now, The White girl, she's 21 years old, has them nice perky eitty bitty little tits and a big white booty. I knew she was a freak when i seen her peirced pussy lips and her deep throating, dick sucking skills. Black Midget SHORTY BIG was breakin it down. The Video is over an hour long with 100's of pictures.PAWG

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