Mexican Superhead Burrito Hoe from Tijuana

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I know you are all trippin on my smile face tattoo..I had that tattoo since I was 18 years old.. Its funny when I look at it as my gut gets bigger, my smile gets bigger. Anyway, this was my 2nd trip to Tijuana, Mexico, fuckin these fine burrito eating mexican pussy. I met this thick , divorced mexican pussy hoe at the strip club in tijuana called adelitas. She came over to my room after she got off work, which was almost 6am in the morning..I was tired as hell, but this is what i came here to get some good mexican sex.. 1 thing i always notice about mexican women.. they have beautiful faces and descent bodies, but after they have kids.. there bodies look like shit.. they all out of shape and flabby. BUT, this mexican pussy hoe was kind of an exceptiion, she had nice perky tities and wasnt too badly out of shape after having 3 kids.. This mexican sex pussy hoe is about 25 years old, nice all natural weave freee hair and she had sexy dick sucking lips... I never knew mexican sluts suck such good dick.. she was one of the first that gave some of the best head.. it was nice and gentle , but sloopy and wet..She was my mexican SUperHead, thats the type of head i luv. Anyway, the the 30 minute video is in the members are with pictures.. so Join the best Black and Latin amateur porn site on the net!!

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