Hood Club BSCY.. Dallas, Texas

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I got the new Housewifes from the hood I met at the Club Bacy's. I think these nice productive, black females citizens of Oakcliff, Dallas do deserve there own Reality show. Just look at them, what man, wouldnt want them. They're not loud and ghetto, and they dress real conservative. Anyway, I'm at one of the most Famous Disco Club in Dallas, Texas; We kickin at Club Bacy's. If u have never been there, thats the best club to go to while in Dallas. They got 4 or 5 floors of different dance floors. Its pretty tight, it looks like a high end club. But, as you all see, the Hood Rats still come and sneak in. We got FUll ACCESS to film at the CLUB. Its live as hell and jumpin when we were there. We got 3 hours of footage of black booty shaking, ass jiggling, ebony freaks from D-Town. at the club and its all uncut in the members area. You know we just dont bring u porn we bring u evertyhing from clubs to the strip clubs. Hood to Hood, worldwide, thats how we do it.

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