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I'm back in St.louis!  This is one of my favorite cities cause they know how to really kick it out here! They have 24hour bars and it seems like they have strip clubs everywhere.  They these hole in the wall, ghetto as hell strip clubs thats like heaven for me.  Well, i met Ms. kat Blood a few months back and she was down to film. When i mean down to film, she was excited like she was about get her high school diploma.  So, i come to her spot and man, im like damm.. why cant i ever get some good luck.  Why everything always has to be ghetto or some triffling hood!  You know when u in the hood when all the street lights broken out and its pitch fuckin black in the streets.  I couldnt see shit.  It felt like i was about to get robbed.  But, once i was in the house and looked around everything was a little better even though she was wildin out throwing up her set.  Kat Blood is 24yrs old sexy chocolate.  This is her FIRST time getting filmed and she was a real freak, and thats what i liked about her.  She was all into my 6 inch paki dick and the way she gave head all sloppy and slobering on it just the way i like it.  Man, does she show some emotion, she gets real into the fucking, her legs start to shiver even b4 i stick my dick in her.  I love freaks like her.  You all going to like her cause she just straight wildin.  The video is 45minute long, so support the cause and Join Now!


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Trapstar feat Gwala 2x 

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