Baby Daddy Drama..Locked up Hoe

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It's around 3am, on a Tuesday & we are kicking it at my Palace. My Homie D-Loc. I think that is how you spell it. I don't know what kind of name it is..maybe it's an African name. Anyway, This is is home-girl whom he has been friends with since they were kids and have been knocking the boots for a long, long time. Her Baby-Dady calls & adks where are u at, she said she was with "Passion & Jade". I know neither of us Look like them. But, she was real scared of her Baby-Daddy trying to leave as fast as possible from my Palace. She said "her Baby-Daddy will Lock her in the Closet Again for Hours." Yes, I will repeat that one more time.."her Baby-Daddy will Lock her in the Closet Again for Hours". But, there's no need to fear, she has Habib & D-Loc on her side!!! Watch the Preview & see for yourself!!

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