Salt N Peppa Lovers Foreever

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These are my homies..Salt & Pepa. I have not seen them for almost a year, until just a couple of weeks ago they stopped by Habib's "Clean" Palace and the rest became history!! When I seen them, I could not believe these two are still together. they have been with each other for more then 4-years!! Dam, I can't even be with my wives for more then 10 minutes:)! I had met them at in the parking lot of the 7-11 convienent store. They were on the phone and I gave some of the Habib Macking and they wind up giving me there digits and we have been friends ever since!! Salt is 19 years old weighs 125 lbs, light-skinned, cute as hell!! Pepa is a chocolate sweetie; she weighs about 110 lbs and got a banging body, Watch the Preview!! This is some good black lesbian porn, you all gone luv this.

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