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I luv filming dominican Porn..This is my 4th trip back to the DR & I met the 2-finest, finest, of fine dominican pussy hoes at club Lapassion. If u all have never been there, its a bar/massage club in the DR. All the dominican pussy women working their our just FINE & not only fine, but got good personalitys to go with it. I call these dominican sex hoes Housewife Hoes, cause they are worthy to be someones wife. IT seems like the club weeds out all the bad dominican pussy hoes from the good hoes, so u got all the good House wifey material dominican pussy hoes in Lapassion. WEll, i come to find out these dominican pussy hoes are girlfreinds & they live with each other. The light skinned chica, got a phat ass, nice Pink dominican pussy; shes like the quiet, shy type. The other carmel skinned dominican chica, shes the wild one, it seems like shes the more controlling hoe. But, these hoes are just BADD to the bone. The dominican porn video is over 1 hour long with 100's of pictures.

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