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I forgot about this Dominican Dick Sucking. Shes 20 years old and cant speak a lick of english. You know I luv Hoes like that. You can talk shit to them all day long and all they going to do is smile at you..I cant help but clown these hoes. The Bitch's face looks cute, but her body was of a beat up hoood bitch hoe, who just got ran over by a truck. The bitch said she got into an accident thats why she got scars on her ass and body, but aint no telling these our hood bitch's. My Habib Sense's said dont touch the bitch and kick her ass out of my apt. But, my dick said, look at that cute mouth with them braces on.. She looks like she can give some good head. Boy, my dick was right, she has some good ass head, the bitch was sucking my dick lickin my nuts and my Butt crack. Yeah, brothers u heard it she was lickin my hairy ass, dry doddy But crack. The shit feels weird, but I like when this bitch licks it, especially after I had jsut taken a shit and it was one of them nasty diarrhea shits. So, I hope the bitch got a mouthful of my butt hair and doddy balls in her mouth. Anyway, this was after the summer Bling fest in the DR, so you all can watch it all in the members area.

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