BRazilian Samba Queen Hoe

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Rio, Brazil..I went to a Samba Show & if u never been to one, they got alot of ass women Shaking their brazilian ASS & titties. It's like a las Vegas Dance Revue wit all them skimmy ass dresses those hoes wear, but about 10x better cause its in Brazil & they got all kinds of shit crackin in the show. I taped the whole Samba show & its all in the members area. Anyway after the show, I met this fine hoe right outside my apartment & that bitch was down for a video. As u can see she is fine as hellll. This bitch was a freak, she was real into the fucking, she started kissing my hairy legs real soft & gentle kisses, I was hard instantly & ready to fuck. When i seen her nice, Pinky brazilian pussy. I was in Luv...You could see this bitch took care of herself. She was just a good fuck. You can watch it all in the members area

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