Frequently asked Questions

I have been getting alot of emails asking me some crazy shiznick shit!!

here are some of the questions:

Q1. Did you really work at aconvient store?

Ans. I had worked at the convient store for about ten years. My family owns one

and I did not want to do that the rest of my life!! With no education or schooling
and from all the women I met at the convient store. My friend suggested me to
do amatuer Porn and so here i am!!
Q2. Are the women models or professional actors
Ans. Hell No... These are regular women I met at the club or from my travels around the world
Q3. Do you have a triual pass
Ans. Hell No. We dont try to rip people off with those trial passes. You pay 1 monthly price and you get everything in our members area. We dont try to upsell anything.
Q4. Can I download all the movies?
Yes, you can download all the movies.
Q5.Can I cancel anytime?  
  Ans. Yes, you can cancel anytime. just go to and you will be a Cancel anytime
  Q6. Is your site really an "amatuer" Porn site?
  Ans. Yes, unlike many other so-called Amatuer sites, I do all the Producing, editing, & most of the Fucking on my site and I met all the women on my own or through firneds. We dont hire anybody.